Meet Our Team 

Maria Istafa CrossFit Coach
Maria Istafa

Head Coach

CrossFit Lvl 1
CrossFit Kids

Maria is a mother of two beautiful baby girls! Her priority quickly became being fit for her family! CrossFit has not only provided her with a healthier lifestyle but also a passion for fitness. Maria earned her CrossFit Level 1 after 2 years of doing CrossFit, which she states has been life changing. She hopes to help many others get healthier and feel amazing!

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CrossFit Lvl 1


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MARGIE FLORES Crossfit Coach Level 1
Margie Flores

CrossFit Lvl 1

Margie was always involved in sports growing up. From soccer to cheerleading and now, CrossFit. She started CrossFit back in 2016 while she was still in high school and has loved it ever since. She is captivated by the idea that CrossFit allows her to stay healthy, get stronger (physically and mentally), work hard, and keep that competitive side of sports that she’s known throughout her whole life. Her motivation behind coaching is the hope to make even the smallest impact in someone’s fitness journey the same way someone made one in hers!

Caitlin Hensley CrossFit Coach level 1
Caitlin Hensley

CrossFit Lvl 1

Caitlin is a Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit Level-1 Trainer. She attended Kennesaw State University where she studied Psychology with a minor in Coaching, while also playing rugby. Her background includes playing rugby in college and being a strength coach for KSU Women’s Rugby team. Her motivation behind coaching is to create unique ways to educate individuals of all ages how to become healthy and strong through functional fitness.

Nick Couch CrossFit Coach Level 1
Nick Couch

CrossFit Lvl 1

Nick is originally from Ocala, Florida and graduated from Florida Southern College where he earned a degree in kinesiology, played soccer, and found a passion for human movement, health, and nutrition. Nick discovered CrossFit in 2019 and instantly loved the competitiveness, variability, and intensity that the sport demands. Above all, he firmly believes in CrossFit’s methodology to pursue health and functional movement across all domains, for all abilities, and all ages.

Emoi Peterson
Emoi Petersen

CrossFit Lvl 1

Emoi has an extensive athletic background. His athletic career started by playing softball in his hometown of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands before moving to Georgia. Since then, he has participated in baseball, basketball, football, and track and field at a competitive level. Through sports he developed an interest in powerlifting, which eventually led him to CrossFit! He has been a member of AxAt since 2016 and began coaching in 2019. His motivation behind coaching is the opportunity to push people towards a goal for greater strength and health.

hamilton brodnax
Hamilton Brodnax

Founder of Functional Versatility Programming

CrossFit Lvl 1

CrossFit Lvl 2

Hamilton started CrossFit 2011 and began coaching shortly after. He has been competing in the sport since 2012 making it all the way to the regional level in 2016. Outside of competing, he loves CrossFit because he enjoys taking care of his body and being healthy, as well as the communal aspect of the sport.

In 2017 Hamilton started developing individual and affiliate program designs because he loved learning about how to make people healthier and enjoyed helping athletes reach their goals. He now owns Functional Versatility (FV), which is the programming service CrossFit AxAt follows. FV’s affiliate programming brings fun, dynamic workouts to affiliates who have athletes at various fitness levels.

Jeff Dercola
Jeff DerCola

CrossFit Lvl 1

Jeff played team sports from the age of 5 all the way through high school. He developed a passion for fitness in high school while training in order to perform better in football, wrestling, and basketball. His passion for fitness has continued, but for different reasons.

Now fitness is about living a healthy life and being able to perform at a high level as a firefighter. He also wants to show his son how important hard work, dedication, and mental toughness is.

Jeff was first introduced to Crossfit while in recruit school with Gwinnett Fire in 2007. He has been doing Crossfit since then but attended CFL-1 in 2016. He loves seeing other athletes improve and reach their goals.

Victoria Sanders Ladd

Founder of Be Tru Studios

E-RYT 500
Pilates – RPYT (prenatal / postpartum
CLC (Certified Life Coach)

Growing up in an active home and being involved in sports + gymnastics at a young age, Victoria continued her love of fitness by helping people achieve their fitness goals. Victoria is registered with the Yoga Alliance and completed her 200hr training at Infinity Yoga. Victoria Ladd, now E-RYT 500 is founder of Be Tru Studios.  Victoria’s goal as a great yoga instructor is to make yoga accessible for all body types and all levels of experience. Victoria’s classes are fun and inviting!  Expect to learn breath awareness with focus on alignment while connecting the physical body to the spiritual body.


Zac McClure

CrossFit Lvl 1

Aerobic Capacity Certified

After years of distance running and playing various sports in both high school and college, Zac found a love for CrossFit. He loves CrossFit for its focus on functional movements, community, and constant variability, as well as the versatility of the sport to allow him to keep focusing on his passion for running. Zac is a graduate of The University of Georgia, where he studied Chemistry and Applied Advanced mathematics. After college Zac pursued multiple certifications, allowing him to work in various surgical settings. While he enjoyed working in the hospital setting, he was ready for a new challenge and decided to accept a position with the Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services.

Kevin Caldwell
Kevin Caldwell

CrossFit Lvl 1

Kevin has been involved in team sports his whole life. He quickly found a passion for baseball, which he played in high school and college. After baseball came to an end, Kevin was looking for a career in which he could serve others while still being part of a team so in 2017 he joined the Gwinnett County Fire Dept. CrossFit has been a great way for Kevin to continue serving others while staying in shape for the physical demands of being a firefighter. Obtaining his CF-L1 has allowed Kevin to use his passions to help members along with their fitness journey.